Many wonderful things have happened in the past month. I want to take this opportunity to share some of them with you, thank you for your support and prayers and most important of all to thank my Heavenly father for His provision.

We have had many visitors over the past month. They came from, California, Australia, Pennsylvania, Argentina, Northern Ireland and the UK. Some are long time friends that always stop by when they are in the land while others we met for the first time. In both cases we look forward to their next trip to Israel.

With our friends also came supplies from the states. Living in Israel, especially Sderot has been and is a joy . Other than missing family and friends there is nothing to look back for. However I must admit there as certain food items that are not available here so when a supply of Folgers coffee or corn tortillas make their way over in someone’s suitcase it is a special treat. This is not a plug for Folgers, but if their CEO is reading this and wants to send some…

We received twelve storage containers of supplies for our “War boxes”, Candy to give to the kids that come in with their parents on food distribution day and some baby cloth. The group that brought them were from all over California, but mainly from the Palm Springs area.

They started out with 23 containers but there was some mix up at the airport and El Al would not let the remaining 11 containers on the plain and they were left behind. If you are coming this way anytime soon and have room for a second piece of luggage, drop us a line and maybe we can get one of the toats to you to bring over for us.

We were able to complete thirty more war boxes and we now have about one hundred individual bags of candy made to give out to our little friends. We are blessed to have such good friends.

All our needs to have our fourth Hanukah party were provided and we thank YAH and you for that. This year’s party saw more children than ever before. It has truly been a blessed month.