As we ramp up for the holiday season your gifts helps fill a need that is bigger than normal. It comes at a time when many of the people we help, on a good day, struggle to make ends meet, no less meeting the added demands on their already depleted pocketbooks to provide for the holidays. From their heart and our THANK YOU!

The fall holiday season is supposed to be a joyful time, but for all too many it becomes a burden to provide the holiday trimming for their families, it is beyond their capability; no fault of their own but, rather is a result of living in Sderot.

 Those who had the means to move away from Sderot, did so a long time ago, leaving behind those who have no way to move, I guess you could say for them “This is where the car broke down”. Those who moved away, took with them manufacturing job retail jobs and even domestic jobs.

You can find a part time, minimum wage job at one of the local markets or gas station but for a single mother she will spend more than what she earns on child care and those jobs come without any benefits.

 You could get a job taking care of an elderly person or a disabled person but that takes a special kind of person who is willing to bath that person, clean the house and attend to the special needs of that person they are taking care of; Not everyone can deal with the hygienic issues though. 

Like in the United States you can find men waiting by a home building center just hoping someone will hire them for a few day, a few hours so they can feed their families, the same thing holds true here too. You can see men waiting on one of the street corners hoping they will find some work today.

Can you see how important your help is not just during times of rockets falling on us or during a war with Gaza terrorist but it is critically important all the time and even more so now during the holiday season.

Help us help them. If you have never donated to Hope For Sderot, today would be a wonderful day to do just that. We presently have more requests for help than the resources to supply that help, only you can change that.  

We / they could really use your help. We don’t have a lot of time to make preparation for next month so please click here to help today. Thank you in advance.